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You’re staring at the blinking cursor on your very clean white computer screen, not even the beginnings of an idea for new post in mind.

Writer’s block!

It’s something that just about every blogger experiences at some point.

When it happens as it probably will, these 13 creative blog post ideas are there to help you; prompting you to come up with that one idea to get things moving again.



1. List Posts

I have to admit I have a weakness for list posts and it seems so do many others which is why this type of post is so popular.

Simply provide a list about any topic you choose to write about. A specific number in the title, as in this post title always does a better job of grabbing your audience’s attention.

Make sure your list provides a benefit to your readers. You basically want to give them a number of solutions to a problem.



As you read articles you find interesting, keep these bookmarked to share with others.

Create posts featuring one or more links to posts or articles written by someone else.  These will be solutions to problems your readers may find helpful.

Make sure you provide some basic information about what the article is about and then also include your opinion about why you liked the article and why you think your readers would find it useful.



3. Reveal a Mistake You Made

You don’t have to do any research about this kind of blog post since you’re drawing on your personal experience.

People love hearing about other people’s mistakes, how you learned something from it and how they can avoid the same mistake.

Ideas for posts can center around challenges you’ve overcome, bad habits you’ve turned around, embarrassing experiences you’ve had, poor choices you’ve made and failures you’ve experienced.


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4. Voice Your Opinion

Expressing an opinion, especially if it’s a strong one is a great way to add your personality to your writing.

Voicing your opinion about any topic helps your readers to get to know you better. It’s also how you attract an audience since people like associating with others who have similar opinions about topics important to them.

You could write about the one thing that scares, impresses, disappoints or angers you most related to your niche. Linking your post to a strong emotion is what will help others connect with you. Emotions connects us all together.



5. Share Goals, Aspirations and Plans

People enjoy reading these posts because you make yourself vulnerable and real when you open yourself up in this way. You’re also holding yourself accountable to your readers.

It’s always a good idea to include reasons why you have the goals and aspirations you do and again the more these are connected to other people in your life, the more you humanize and attractive you make yourself.

If your goals include making money this might be because you are saving up to buy something for yourself or someone dear to you.

Your goals could also be about bringing change into your life or the life of others. The bigger the risk of not achieving the goal the more people will be rooting for your success.



6. Write a ‘How to’ Post

Teach your readers how to do something that you’re good at. Some ideas for titles where you can fill in the blanks are:

  • How I…
  • How to find…
  • Getting started with…
  • How I got from – to –
  • The ultimate guide to…
  • A beginner’s guide to…



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7. Start a Debate

This type of post will not suit everybody’s personality. It works best if you write about a subject that provokes controversy.

Present the topic and both sides of the argument. Then argue passionately for one side of the debate and invite discussion.

The more unpopular the side you take, the more discussion you’re likely to generate.

Here are some fun ideas for titles. Of course, you can substitute with your own controversial subjects that fit your niche.

  • Why we should all boycott eating organic produce
  • The dark side of cryptocurrency
  • Why monetizing a new blog with advertising is completely useless
  • My take on fitness fanatics
  • A reality check for obese parents



8. Make a Prediction

People are always fascinated about predictions regardless of whether they turn out to be right or not.

These are great posts to write as you can again voice your personal reasons and opinions about something which can lead to a lot of engagement with your readers.

Here are some ideas for titles where you can substitute subjects specific to your niche:

  • The future of Smartphones – My Predictions
  • What will social media be like 10 years from now
  • The changes we’re likely to see in affiliate marketing next year
  • How 5G is likely to impact online businesses shortly
  • What air travel might be like in 100 years



9. Profile or Interview Someone

People love reading about other people, especially when there is something valuable to learn from them.

Ideas from people others would find interesting include:

  • role models in the industry
  • people who have triumphed over great adversity to be successful
  • historical figures
  • celebrities
  • regular people
  • other businesses or blogs

Write about what makes them interesting, the unique experiences they had, and lessons to be learned from them. If possible try to interview them yourself as then you can ask questions and get more unique information.



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10. Share Lessons Learned

You are likely to learn new information in your niche all the time. Sharing your lessons make for great blog posts.

Some ideas for titles where you can fill in the blanks are:

  • X things I learned about…
  • What I gained by…
  • If I had to start – over, the things I’d do differently today
  • X things I wish I had known when I…
  • The biggest lesson I learned from…



11. Comment on Trends/News or Events

Write about what’s topical and trending in your niche. It’s always best if you can provide a deeper analysis about whatever you’re writing about.

Most social media and search engine sites track trending topics. You can also set up a Google alert at https://www.google.com/alerts to monitor the web for interesting new content.

Some good topics are:

  • upcoming conferences
  • product launches
  • annual events
  • special sales



12. Product Reviews

Writing about products you recommend and those to be avoided, provides useful information to readers.

These days just about everybody consults reviews before they buy any product.

You can review anything related to your niche – physical products, digital products, books, software, gadgets, services etc.

This is also an ideal way to generate income via affiliate marketing.

When you write about products you can provide an affiliate link to their product, especially if you’re recommending it.

When someone clicks on your link and purchases the product from your recommendation then you will make a small commission.



13. Tips and Advice

It’s likely you’ll have tips and advice to pass on to others. Think about what people ask you about most often. Also, are there any topics that others respect your expert advice about?

Some ideas for titles where you can fill in your own subjects are:

  • Quick tips about…
  • Must know tips about…
  • X Critical signs about…
  • X Ways to…
  • X Things to do to…



creative blog post ideas galore 

For most bloggers, writer’s block is part and parcel of the job. It comes and goes but it always helps to have idea prompts to move it off as fast as possible.

Whenever writer’s block surfaces come back here again and look through the above blog post ideas.

Another way to get your creative juices flowing is to read what others are writing about in your niche.

Do you use any of the above ideas for posts yourself? Are there any which are your favorites? Do you have any other creative blog post ideas to share?


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