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It’s an easy mistake to make.

Your debt is out of control. You need more money.

The mix of shame, anxiety, embarrassment, and outrage is pushing you to the brink.

Then you come across a website that promotes blogging away debt as a fast way to solve your financial woes. Desperation makes believing the hype so easy you’re ready to push your credit card into even more debt.

Big mistake!


Take a friend of mine who called me recently as a case in point.

“I’m looking at this website that says I can wipe away debt in 90 days if I follow their blogging system. What do you think?”

“Whoa, what’s brought this on Jules?”

“Ned’s just been retrenched.”

“Crap. I’m sorry to hear that.”

Julie and I worked together in the corporate world before she left to have a baby. Her husband, Ned, worked for a national brewery but only for about a year so there’d be no lucrative retrenchment package. Clearly they would need money fast.

“It wouldn’t be that bad if we weren’t still paying off three credit cards and a mortgage.”

“Of course but he’ll get another job won’t he?”

“I hope so but we can’t be sure when that’ll be so I have to look at all options. Do you think this is genuine?”

“It’s possible to make money blogging but from my experience you can forget about doing it in 90 days. Let me tell you why I say this and what I would do in your shoes.”

Here’s are 7 facts about blogging away debt I passed on to Julie which you may fund helpful if you’re in a similar position.



1. Blogging as a Business is Not a Job

When you’re employed as a blogger you can expect a pay check which guarantees income. But you’re only going to get a job blogging if you have prior experience otherwise you’ll have to do it for yourself, as a business.

The thing is new businesses are not renowned for making fast money and if you have debts to service, then you’ll need speedy regular income.

Businesses take time to set up and become established before they generate income. Blogging is no exception.

The fact is there’s no guarantee you’re going to earn revenue from a new blog any time soon.

If you need money fast to service debt then I suggest you get a job as a priority. This way your income will be guaranteed after putting in your hours.

It doesn’t mean you can’t start a blogging business at the same time as getting a job. In fact approaching debt from a multi solution angle makes a lot of sense.

Just understand that you’ll only be able to rely on the income you make blogging, months down the line, if you’re successful.


debt free blog



2. Blogging Requires Time

A blog is not the best direct sales tool. This means you can’t just throw a blog up and expect people will click on your links and buy whatever you’re offering.

Consider your own buying behavior; do you automatically buy something of value offered to you by any salesperson?

Usually not. You are far more likely to make a purchase if you know, like and trust the person doing the selling.

Creating this level of relationship takes time with blogging and definitely longer than 90 days. If you have pressing debts to settle, you won’t have time on your side.

The more you connect with your readers the more they get to know you personally (if you allow this) so they can decide if they like you enough to follow you and what you have to say.

People also want to be sure that you’re an authority, an expert whose advice and recommendations they can trust. This means they will want to follow you for a period, reading your posts, so they know you are the real deal.



4. Blogging Requires the Right Niche

Because making money is your goal, choosing the right niche, one that has the potential to pay you is a critical first step.

The good news is that unless you choose something totally absurd, most niches are viable.

The key is you must know how to target an audience within the niche, identify real problems they’re having and create your blog to offer them useful and workable solutions.

The most important things to consider when choosing a niche are:

  • You must be interested in the topic since you’ll be committing to this for years.
  • The niche must not be too narrow or you’ll run out of topics to write about in 6 months. Also, the audience will be too small and won’t be profitable.
  • The niche must not be too broad otherwise you won’t be able to establish yourself as an authority in a specific area which means readers won’t take your recommendations seriously.
  • There must be healthy competition in your niche so you know people are willing to spend money for solutions.
  • You must know how you will differentiate your yourself in the niche so that you stand out and can reach your target audience.

Choosing and optimizing the right blogging niche is a critical first step. Get it wrong and your blog may never make any money.


paying off debt blog



5. Blogging Requires Training

Just like any profession, blogging requires skills and that means you need training. There is plenty available for free online, but it’s not all good or up to date.

If you want to shorten your learning curve and start making money with blogging, you’re best getting training that’s trusted and guaranteed to help you achieve your goals.

You’ll need training for the following topics:

  • How to choose a profitable blogging niche.
  • How to establish your blog as a brand that stands out.
  • How to build a website.
  • How to optimize and customize a website.
  • How to create captivating content that people want to read.
  • How to attract visitors to your blog.
  • How to earn revenue from your blog.
  • How to scale your blogging business so it can grow.



6. Blogging Requires Funding

Quick question – do you know of any bricks and mortar business in your neighborhood that became successful without spending a cent to get started?

I didn’t think so.

That’s because all business requires start up and maintenance funding. That means an extra expense you must be able to meet in the long term.

If you’re already struggling to pay off your debts, how will you fund your blogging business?

The good thing is that this expense is drastically lower than it is for any business in the physical world.

You’ll need funding to cover the following:

  • Registering a domain name for your blog.
  • Monthly web hosting for your website.
  • Training
  • A premium blog theme (optional) if you decide you want a certain look for your website.
  • Monthly subscription to an email auto responder service for email marketing. You won’t require this immediately.
  • Any premium tools you choose to buy e.g keyword analyzer (optional as there are free tools available)
  • Any third party technical support you may require.



7. blogging requires Support 

Just about any successful entrepreneur will tell you that going into business is challenging and can feel like a very lonely place to be.

Besides the fact that learning and doing something new like blogging will throw up endless technical issues, there is a great deal to learn and know about business in general.

At times it feels as if you permanently have a question about some or other aspect of what you’re doing.

There’s nothing worse than needing an answer to something before you can move on and not having anybody to ask.

Then there are days when you will feel like giving up, especially during your first 6 months. You’re working yourself into the ground and it seems nobody is seeing what you’re doing. Should you even continue?

It’s easy to feel discouraged and defeated. It’s vital you can talk to someone who knows what you’re going through and who can help get you through the tough times.

For this reason it’s critical to have a support network in place – real people who can answer your questions, give you advice, guide you and motivate you when you’re feeling down in the dumps.

If you don’t have a support network, it’s unlikely you’ll stick with it until you’re making money.

There are many support networks available both online and in your local community. Make sure you are connected with others so that when you have a problem there is someone you can turn to for help.



help paying off debt



BLogging away debt is possible but…

Get clear about how much money you need to cover your debts and how fast you need it.

This will give you a good idea about whether your money generating ideas are going to be practical or not.

Contact your creditors and let them know about your situation so they can assist you with creating a payment plan until you’re in a better financial situation. It’s possible this might reduce your monthly expenses by spreading the payments over a longer period.

Find a way to service your debt immediately and commit to creating a blogging business as part of a long term plan to generate more income.

Follow the pointers above, find the courage not to give up and there’s no reason why the money you eventually make can’t go towards blogging away debt.


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