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Some words that could describe you are:

Independent, Creative, and Entrepreneurial 

But if there was one word to describe how you feel about your career right now, it’s…


You feel you have to stay in your job, even if it’s awful, because you need the financial security.

What you really want, is more freedom; a way to do something purposeful, profitable and portable.

Ideally you’re looking for something sustainable that works well around your current responsibilities, yet flexible enough to give you a good income and life on your own terms.

You want to work to live, not live to work!

You like the idea of an online business which uses your creativity and experience, doing something that matters both to you and the world.

You’re thinking about blogging. Maybe you’ve even started…


  • Is it actually still possible to make a good living this way?
  • What’s the best way to get there?  Who do you trust? What is and isn’t a scam?
  • How do you stand out and get seen?
  • More importantly how do you keep going until you’re successful?
  • And where do you find others like yourself with whom you can relate?

You’d love to be a successful money earning blogger but you’re unsure about what to do to make it your reality.

Trust me, I know how you feel. I’ve been there.




I believe YOU CAN build an online blogging business that creates profit , makes your ‘soul sing’ and helps others.

The fact is, if only one other person has achieved this, then it’s possible. Since there are plenty bloggers of all ages, making a very healthy living, so can you.

All you need to do is find out what to do and do it.

I don’t believe in chance. The fact that you’re here right now, tells  me that it’s your time. The opportunity is waiting for you to grab it and make it work.

You deserve freedom, happiness, and financial security, and I’m convinced blogging can be the perfect vehicle to help you achieve it.





My name’s Mark and I’m a blogger of course.

My vision?  To help you build a profitable online blogging business so you can ditch your unfulfilling  job and start living the life you want.




In late 2016 I was working for a global travel company. If it sounds like a fab industry to be working in, don’t be fooled working in travel and travelling are two very different things.

After restructuring for the umpteenth time, they offered me my job back for the same pay, with double the workload and responsibility. 😮

Hmm… not that attractive, so when they offered to pay me to leave, I  grabbed the opportunity and ran for the door at top speed!  😁 

I took this as a clear sign that it was time for me to opt out and finally take control of my destiny, and create the kind of life I wanted.

I got a part time job working for a local tutoring company, and started pursuing blogging as a side hustle business idea.

Why blogging?

Lots of reasons, but one of the most important is that I really enjoy helping people, which is what blogging is all about. 

Up until that point, most of my jobs  had been in education and training. I’ve always loved teaching and showing others how to do things.

But no matter I was doing, I always reached the same point, feeling unfulfilled, frustrated and trapped in yet another J. O. B.

Yes I was teaching people as my job but quite frankly it all seemed purposeless to me. All I was doing was helping to line the pockets of greedy corporations. What about me and my need to feel fulfilled with what I was doing?

I had blogged previously, although only as a hobby. With my limited experience I knew that as a business option, it ticked all the right boxes for me.

  • I could help and teach others about what mattered and was purposeful to me and them. 
  • I could build a blog around my own interests and skills.
  • It didn’t cost very much to get started.
  • Since you do it online it meant it was portable so I could do it anywhere as long as  there was an Internet connection. Important for me because I love travelling.
  • And it had the potential to be grown into a scale-able & sustainable business over time without needing to employ others.

I did have one major concern though….

I kept on reading how most new blogs never make it past the starting gate. This did kind of terrify me. What could I do to be sure I was successful?

To be honest I didn’t know but  I did know that plenty of bloggers were successful so I knew it was possible. My motto has always been to never give up so I decided that’s how I would approach it until I made it, no matter how long it took.

I also decided then to blog about it to help others who found themselves wanting to achieve the same goal. 

There were challenges and set backs –  a  couple of false starts, failed attempts, and some personal crises, one of which included a traumatic accident where I almost self amputated my finger, which led to may hand being in a cast for months.

There were also periods were I was dogged by intense self doubt and lack of self confidence,

But… I stuck with my intention of never giving up and I haven’t.

The road to success is not a sprint but the ability to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.  🙂




  • You can pick up a great deal from those who’ve gone before you. I have. As I learn I’ll also be sharing my tips and advice with you here.
  • You must find and engage with a community of people who are doing what you’re doing too. I’ll tell where to find these communities and how you can access them.
  • You can’t just become a great blogger, you have to learn to become a great business person too. You must find the best training possible to help you with both. I’ll make recommendations as I go.
  • You need a number of tools and services to help you blog. I’ll be recommending the products and services I use, in case you want to use them too.
  • You must be able to find a way to ‘show up’ every day until you’re successful. This is not easy. The road to success is monotonous. How will you do it? By learning how to become a master at planning and following your plan. This is something I know a lot about so I’ll show you the secrets to setting and achieving your goals.
  • You have to develop your own brand and voice so you can stand out otherwise you will just become part of the masses that are never seen.  I’ll show you how.

My goal is not only to show you how to start your own blogging business but help you build your blog into a thriving and sustainable online business that can give you the life you want.

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Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to?  

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Happy Blogging!

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