Want to blog for a living ?

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You want to know how to create a blog as a side hustle to earn an  extra income.


You’re looking to replace your 9-5 with blogging as an online business.


You already have a business and you want to know how to set up a blog to connect with and grow your audience.

Regardless of which, if your goal is to blog and generate an income at the same time, you’re in the right place.

Blogging has been around for ages. It simply means creating a website that gets updated regularly with information you create to help others with a specific need.

There are hundreds and thousands of blogs on the Internet, covering just about every topic. They’re not all good and they don’t all make money.

Most people who want to make money blogging simply don’t do what it takes to be successful.

They don’t follow a proven success path, and/or they don’t work at it for long enough until they see results.

Blogging success doesn’t happen overnight.

It requires effort and patience.

You also have to love doing the nice parts and the not so nice parts.

Most importantly, it must help you further your life’s purpose in some way otherwise you won’t stick with it. 

If you have what it takes, it’s easily one of the most fulfilling end enjoyable ways to spend your time.

It gives you the opportunity help others, and do something you enjoy, which is important to you.

It’s also a very viable way to work for yourself which can free you up to do other things at the same time, like travel around the world. 

How Blogging Map came to be

My name’s Mark Baker. I’m the founder of Blogging Map.

When I’m not showing others how to blog, I’m probably travelling, either to one of my favorite destinations or I’m on an adventure somewhere new and exciting.  

I also advise and coach people about their life
purpose, helping them with their goals and aspirations related to career/business, relationships and 
personal development.

I decided to learn how to blog so I could connect with more people who need my help in this way and I started this site about blogging at the same time.

The idea has always been to record my learning and experiences as I go, creating a type of map for others to follow who want to achieve the same goal. Hence the name, Blogging Map. 

I will reference my other site here quite a lot. It makes a great ongoing case study and it’s useful for others to see as an actual example of a blog being created and developed as I go.  

There’s more than one way to learn how to become a successful blogger BUT you only need one way. 

This is my way. I believe it’s best to learn how to do something, personally from someone else who is ahead of you. Maybe I can be that person to you?

I hope so. If not, no hard feelings,  I wish you every success.  

interested in sticking around?

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If you want to stay in touch with me, best you know that social media is not one of my strengths … yet. I intend to get better at it and I’ll be  writing about this topic too. It’s an important and necessary marketing tool when you’re blogging. 

For now you can connect with me in one of the following ways:

On this site, in the comments section of every post. I read and answer all comments. 

Send me an email. Here’s my contact details.

If you’re brand new and ready to get started I suggest you head on over to the Start Here Page, otherwise fell free to nosy around the site and dive in wherever suits you best. 

Happy Blogging!

Mark Baker

Hey... I'm Mark! If you want to know how to blog for a living, you're in the right place. One of the ways I make money blogging, is as an affiliate. Meaning, if you buy something via a link on this site I could earn a commission, at no extra cost to you. It's how you can make money too. Ready?  Let's do this!


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