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Words that best describe you might be:

Independent, Creative, Resourceful and Adaptable.

But if there was one word to describe how you feel about your career, it’s:


You feel you have to stay in your job even if it’s awful  because you need the financial security.

What you want is a more portable career, one with some freedom. You want to work to live, not live to work!

But you also possess an entrepreneurial spirit and you’re tech friendly, so you’re exploring other options.

Ideally something that can work well around your current responsibilities and flexible enough to give you an income and life on your own terms…. well into the future.


You like the idea of an online business which uses your creativity and experience, doing something that matters both to you and the world. You’re thinking about blogging, maybe you’ve even started…


  • Is it actually possible to make a living this way?
  • What’s the best way to get there?  Who do you trust? What is and isn’t a scam?
  • More importantly how do you keep going until you’re successful?
  • And where do you find others like yourself with whom you can relate?

You’d like nothing more than to be a successful blogger but you’re just not sure if it’s possible and how to make it your reality.

Right now you’re feeling lost, not sure which way to go.

I know exactly how that feels. I’ve been there.




I believe you can build an online blogging business that creates profit, makes your soul sing and changes people’s lives.

The fact is, if only one other person has achieved this then it’s possible. Since there are oodles of bloggers of all ages, making a very healthy living, so can you. You just need to know what’s working now, how to do it and someone to cheer for you so you stick with it until it’s your new life. 

I believe it’s your time –  You deserve freedom, happiness, and financial security, and I’m convinced blogging can be the perfect vehicle to help you achieve it.




My name’s Mark. My vision is to help 1000+ spirited entrepreneurs in waiting, build profitable online businesses as bloggers so they can start living the lives they want.

In fact I created this site as a community for all of us to learn and share the journey together.






what brought me to this point:


By mid 2017 the list of different jobs I had tried was far longer than I would have liked. Oh and there had been a couple of businesses thrown in for good measure too.

I’d been a school teacher, cruise ship host and lots more in between, all the way though to being the personal assistant to a multi millionaire businessman. I’d even tried pet grooming. Whew!

I’d also lived in a few interesting places – Cape Town, London, Barcelona, Auckland and Sydney.

While this may sound like an exciting life, in effect all I had been doing was chasing my ideal career. But no matter what I did, every time I’d get to the same point. I’d feel unfulfilled,  frustrated and trapped, doing something I didn’t want to do, just to make a living.

My resume was starting to look more like a patchwork quilt, plus which I was getting older and I hadn’t done much to secure my financial future. There had to be change. It was time for me to take responsibility and to act purposefully.

I realized I needed to start and build the right kind of business. Something I  regarded as purposeful and sustainable. Something meaningful I could develop around my own interests and skills, operate independently and which was totally portable, since travelling is a passion of mine.

I did a lot of research and blogging seemed to be the only option that met all my criteria but there was one problem – I kept on reading how most new blogs never make it past the starting gate.

I had blogged before so I knew it was something I would enjoy, although back then I had no idea you could make money like this. There was no way I was going down this road unless I knew I had every chance of being successful. But how would I know? I was feeling lost, not sure sure what to do next.

In my searching I came across a wonderful community of bloggers, all at varying levels of success. Some hugely so, ‘living the dream’ exactly as I wanted. Perfect! I knew then that if they could do it, all I had to do was find out what they were doing, and follow. So I jumped right in.

Because I’ve always enjoyed teaching and showing others how to do things, I decided to blog about my own journey, sharing my learning as I go so that others can follow in my footsteps too. That’s how the concept of a blogging map and this site came to be.




As per the name of this site, you can expect a ‘map’ here which you can follow and which I’ll be creating as I share my own learning as I go.

My goal is not only to show you how to start your own blogging business but help you develop it into a thriving and sustainable online business.

To be successful I believe you don’t only need to know about how to blog but also how to manage an online business and how to develop yourself into the kind of person it takes to become successful, so expect tips about all of these.

I’ll also be sharing and recommending the products and services I use to build my business in case you want to use them too.

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