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Choose a Blog Niche


Deciding what to blog about is most often referred to as knowing how to choose a blog niche.

This is Step #1 for all new blog owners. It’s often a stalling point for beginners and I speak from experience.


Which niche should you choose? How will you know if it’s the right one or the best one? What if there’s too much competition? How do you know if the niche is too narrow or broad?

The good news is there are millions of niches and you can make money from just about all of them so you don’t have to even be worried that the niche you choose will be a mistake. That is, unless you choose something weird and crazy like ‘pink wigs for balding goats’ and even then, this may be a profitable niche too. 🙂

There are billions of people in the world who are looking for information and solutions about all kinds of interests, and who are prepared to spend their money on related products and services.

Choosing a niche is exciting and easy as long as you don’t overthink it.

Let me show how to do it.


What is a Niche?


A niche is a group of people, an audience, who have the same interest. 

For example, if you’re fitness fanatic, then you’re part of an audience or a group that is interested in fitness so that is a niche. Niches can be broken down further. A specific audience within this niche may be a group of people who are looking to use fitness to lose weight.

If you do vegetable gardening as a hobby, then you’re part of an audience or a group who do the same hobby, so that is a niche too. A specific audience within this niche may be a group of people who are looking to grow vegetables in small spaces.

Ideally you should choose a niche based on your interests, hobbies and passions but it could also be something new that you’d like to learn about.

Personally I’m interested in teaching people how to blog for a living, travel, nutrition, dogs, and personal development. These are all niches.

You don’t have to already be an expert to start but you must want to become one in whatever niche you choose.


How Will You Make Money From Your Niche?


There are many ways but I recommend is that beginners start with what is known as affiliate marketingThis means you promote other people’s products and services through what is commonly known as an affiliate program.

The benefit is that you don’t have to develop a product or service of your own which usually takes time and costs money. You can get started straight away and think about launching your own products once you’re well established. In fact creating your own products or services should be your ultimate goal.

One of the biggest and most popular affiliate programs is offered by Amazon.  When you promote any of Amazon’s products as an affiliate, and someone buys one of these via your recommendation and link, you’ll earn a 6 – 8% commission.

For example, your interest may be about overhead headphones. You can create a blog about this topic where you write reviews and provide information for others who are also interested in this.


Amazon affiliate program


There are thousands of affiliate programs available for just about any niche. To check some of these out simply type affiliate program + niche into Google and see what comes up.

Here is a sample of the 5,180 000 results I got for vegetable gardening.


vegetable gardening blogs






Obviously Amazon is a great place to browse products and see whether any of these are of interest to you. Any of the products can be turned into profitable businesses once you know how to reach and connect with interested audiences.



ClickBank is another great place to check for niches. ClickBank administers affiliate programs for lifestyle digital product developers. These are products that can be downloaded like E books, courses etc.

Here is a screenshot of their current categories which will give you a good idea of more profitable niches.





Answers.com is a question and answers site where you can get a lot of ideas.

At the top of the site they list categories. Click on ALL SECTIONS and you’ll be given a list of categories.When you click the + signs, each of the categories will continue to expand.

In the example below you might decide to target an audience of people who collect football memorabilia.






You can also type any interest into Google and you will automatically see related topics presented.  Since these are what people are searching for in Google, each of these would also be good to explore further.

In the case of “knitting” below, you might choose “knitting patterns” and then break that down even further and explore people interested in knitting patterns for baby clothes etc.


I also typed affiliate programs + knitting into Google and got 17,400,000 results which means there are plenty of affiliate products you could promote.

Two other good websites to use when doing niche research are Google Trends and Trend Hunter, both feature the latest trending products and topics.



Competitive Niches


Don’t be afraid of choosing competitive niches. Beginner bloggers mistakenly think these should be avoided so they choose a niche that has no competition at all. But this is a mistake.

If you opened a store selling sand in a desert where there were no people to buy your sand how well do you think you would do?Competition in a niche lets you know that people are interested and ready to spend money.

Ironically, I learned my greatest lesson about this in the offline world when I lived in a seaside town called Scarborough in the UK.




I hadn’t been living there long when I kept on hearing that Scarborough had more fish and chip shops than any other town in the UK. I never did find out whether this was a fact or just an urban myth, but it made me very curious nonetheless.

When I looked around, it certainly did seem as if there were far too many of these for a town its size. How was it possible for them all to be profitable?

As a quintessential British fast food and so easily available to me, I became quite the fish and chip shop connoisseur. Although there were many outlets from which to choose, they each had their own personality and often catered for different audiences.

Some were aimed at families, a couple stayed open very late at night, while others offered patrons a drink if they wanted it.

I saw very few of these shops go out of business because there was obviously a demand for the food and enough different audiences to cater for.

This is no different in the online world. Just because a niche is competitive does not mean you should avoid it.

Rather, you should be thinking about whether there is an audience within the niche that hasn’t been targeted yet or, in what ways you could differentiate yourself within the niche.


7 Things to Remember About Niches


The best thing about blogging is that you can create your business around just about anything that interests you.

  1. A niche is an audience with a common interest
  2. It’s best to choose a niche in which you are interested
  3. You will be communicating with others in your niche
  4. You will be writing content about and  promoting products within your niche
  5. You will be helping people within your niche
  6. Any niche can become a “full time” blogging business
  7. There is no such thing as a perfect niche, so don’t over complicate the process of choosing one.



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