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In this Digital Marketer Lab review I’ll be evaluating the product against specific criteria to help you decide if it can benefit your blogging business.


Digital Marketer Lab – Overview


Digital Marketer Lab (DM Lab) is a product offered by Digital Marketer. It’s promoted as a membership site for digital marketing individuals.

Blogging Map reviews examine how products or services can specifically assist individuals who want to blog as a business.

I believe it’s in your best interests, where possible, to use a business platform that offers you all or most of what you require in one place.

In this review I’ll be considering the extent to which DM Lab meets this criteria. Specifically I’ll be evaluating their Training, Tools, Support, Credibility and Value offered.

Disclosure – I am neither an affiliate for Digital Marketer nor am I an active DM Lab subscriber, however I have purchased parts of their content previously.

Unless otherwise stated I am compensated when you buy some products/services recommended or reviewed on this site. Click here for details.



Digital Marketer Lab – Quick Facts Profile


Company/Product: Digital Marketer – Digital Marketer Lab

Date Started: This product was re-packaged to the market in 2011.

Owners: Ryan Deiss (co-founder)

Website: https://www.digitalmarketer.co…

Price: $1 trial for 30 days then auto renewal for $49 per month (As per their purchase form). Single Execution Plans are sold for $27 each.

Who’s it for: Intermediate to Advanced

Overall Rating: 58/100


digital marketer lab



Digital Marketer Lab – Training


Training is covered by three areas:


 Execution Plans

This is a library of what is described as 36+ standard operating procedures.

These are aimed at being ‘no fluff’, step-by-step checklists. A variety of online business strategies are able to be accessed and implemented when you’re ready to do so.

For example if you want to set up your own e-commerce store there is an execution plan to take you through the process.




Three execution plans that could be of interest to professional bloggers are :

  •  The content engine – how to quickly crank out share worthy, clickable blog content – includes 7 post templates.
  • How to get your first 1000 blog subscribers and more.
  • How to SEO a WordPress website

Each execution plan is like a mini operational manual, consisting of videos, links to related checklists, templates and blog posts.

Previously I was able to buy a single execution plan, ‘The Content Engine’,  however if you want access to all of these and other member features, you will need to pay for a monthly subscription.

I found the training to be well set out and thorough, covering the specific topic.


ryan deiss digital marketer


In my opinion, DM Lab is best suited to an intermediate level or more advanced online marketer or blogger.

If you already have all the basics covered and are ready to implement the next step, e.g. how to set up an email auto responder, or you want to know how to get better at doing something, then you could find the training on offer useful.


 What’s Working Now

These are monthly calls featuring a variety of different experts handling a range of topics in each session.

The training is done live so you can interact with presenters and ask any questions you have. Sessions are recorded which you have access to 24/7.


Office Hours Calls

Similar to ‘What’s Working Now’, except these are held weekly and focus on a single topic of interest.

An example of such a call is, “The Five Point Blog Post”.

These calls also recorded and available for you to listen to whenever you’re ready.


Training Round-Up

While the quality of the training is good, what’s on offer is more like a library of short courses you can choose to do if and when you require it.

Digital Marketer does also facilitate training conferences like their Traffic and Conversions Summit in 2018, however these are separate products which require additional payment.

In my opinion, DM Lab would not suit a beginner looking for comprehensive step by step training from A to Z about how to set up a blogging business.

Buying Execution Plans as and when you require them may be an option to consider.

As a total training solution for the beginner professional blogger I score their training 40/100



Digital Marketer Lab – Tools


The DM Toolbox is a collection of lead magnets, how to’s and other documents. Three titles that could be useful for a professional blogger are:

  • 212 Blog Post Ideas
  • 60 Second Blog Plan
  • The Perfect Blog Post Template

According to their sales page your membership also entitles you to deals and discounts of 10 – 72% on marketing tools and services like web hosting and email providers.

Obviously these tools are not included in the monthly subscription price as they are third party suppliers.


 Tools Round-Up

By ‘tools’, Blogging Map is looking at actual tools like, website builders, content creation platforms, research tools etc.

The templates on offer might be useful but on the whole, these tools appear to be more like shorter training documents and not actual tools to help a blogger do their job.

While the discounts for tools external to DM Lab may be useful, these are not included as part of the membership which is what we are ideally looking for.

I score their tools 20/100



Digital Marketer Lab- Support


You can have all the training and tools in the world but you also require sufficient support when you have a problem or question.

According to the sale page, your DM Lab membership card has a private concierge number on the back so you can reach out to them when you need help.

If you click on the Support link on the main website menu a phone number and email address is provided as well as a physical address. Support is offered from 9 AM – 5 PM CST, Monday – Friday.

There is also a community for members in the form of a Facebook group called DM Engage, where members can ask each other questions.



digital marketer reviews



Support Round-Up

According to the Better Business Bureau website there have been two or three billing complaints.

A few of these customers were unhappy when they called support that they were unable to speak to someone, rather having to leave messages.

All of these complaints appear to have been resolved. The company’s response to the voice mail issue is that they only have a small team of consultants who can answer calls. In my opinion this is a completely reasonable response from the company.

I am of the opinion that DM Lab offers adequate support for what’s on offer so I score their support 95/100.



Digital Marketer Lab- CREDIBILITY


Trustworthiness, reliability and standing in the industry are important factors to consider.

Credibility is evaluated in this review by considering the time the product has been on the market as well as if there have been complaints and success stories during this time period.

According to the Better Business Bureau website, the company has been around since 2006 which makes them approximately 12 years old. The actual DM Lab product was however released in 2011 making it 7 years old.

In my opinion this is a long enough to show that the company and what they offer are genuine and trustworthy. Had this not been the case they would not have been around for as long as they have.

As with any genuine product there are people who have been successful and those who have not. We have not found any evidence of serious complaints. Of the few minor complaints leveled, all appear to have been resolved.


Credibility Round-Up

Digital Marketer as a company and specifically Ryan Deiss has been around for a long time. I score their credibility 95/100.



Digital Marketer Lab- VALUE


Do you get value for your money with this product?

Value is very subjective. It depends on what you’re looking for and willing to pay for what you get.

The fact that you can get access to DM Lab for $1 for 30 days to check it out does provide enormous value for the price.

An ongoing subscription as detailed on their sign up form is $49 per month. I have also seen the price of $38 per month mentioned which may be a special offer if you pay for a year up front.

Considering the above, is it good value for your money?

The only way to come to a conclusion is by comparison. For what you have to pay for DM Lab, can you find a better deal?

I believe you can. Let’s compare DM Lab with Wealthy Affiliate.


Value Round-Up

In comparison with Wealthy Affiliate, also at $49 per month or $29 per month if you sign up for a year, and as you can see from the above comparison, DM Lab does not offer as good value as that offered by Wealthy Affiliate. I score them 40/100


A Final Word About Digital Marketer


I don’t believe that DM Lab is the best solution for someone who wants to learn how to blog professionally as there is a better option on offer.

This does not mean that the prodcuct would not be suitable for online marketers specializing in other areas or who are more advanced marketers.

The fact that there are people who have been successful using this product proves that there is value to be had however Blogging Map does not recommend this product as a one stop solution for beginner bloggers who want to blog as a business.

If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate which is the Blogging Map business platform of choice, you can read my review HERE


Wealthy Affiliate vs Digital Marketer Labs




Over To You

Have you used  Digital Marketer Labs yourself? What do you like / not like about the product? Please share your experience good or bad.

After reading my review, what is your opinion? Does Digital Marketer Labs interest you? Why / Why not?

If you have a question or something to say, please also leave a comment. I would love to hear your feedback.



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