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How to Attract Targeted Visitors to Your Website


You can have a staggeringly profitable niche and build the most dazzling website, but unless you know how to attract targeted visitors to your website, there’s not much point.


You can have a staggeringly profitable niche and build the most dazzling website, but unless you know how to attract targeted visitors to your website, there’s not much point.

Just as you can’t open a new store and not tell anybody you’re open for business, so you can’t create a website and not tell people that you exist.

Since only a percentage of people visiting your site will ever become followers it makes sense to attract as many people as you can.

Website visitors are often referred to as ‘traffic’ in the online world. Targeted traffic refers  specifically to people who are best suited to see the information, and products and services you’re promoting.

Here are some actions you can take to attract the right eyes to your blog:



1. Identify Where Your Targeted Visitors Hang Out

Did you choose a blog niche  as I suggested in Step ? 

If so you should already have a good idea about who your target audience is. I recommend going one step further.

Create a customer profile for an imaginary but typical person in the group. I found this invaluable with helping me to know who my ideal blog visitor is.

In fact you need to do this so you know how to write good blog posts that connect with your readers.

You want to be super clear about who your audience is, but also want to know where you’ll find them hanging out. 

This information will help you to know where to find them and how best to get their attention.

For example, if your niche was broadly aimed at new mothers with babies who cry a lot, there are some questions about this group that would be useful to ask:

  • Where do they hang out?
  • Are they asking questions in forums?
  • Are they reading and leaving comments on other blogs in the niche?
  • Are they social media users?
  • Which social media platforms are they more likely to use?
  • Could you expect them to subscribe to email lists?
  • Do they read the blogs of top influencers in the niche?
  • Would they click on advertisement links? 
  • Do they attend physical meetings with others? etc.

You may not know the answers to all the questions when you start, but over time you will build up a clear picture of where your audience hangs out.

This information will help you determine the best way to locate your targeted group and let them know you exist so they can pay your website a visit.  


how to attract more visitors to your website


2. Create an Attractive and Functional Website

It would be senseless to attract the right people to your website only to lose them because your website is not attractive or functional for your target group. 

Since you have a good idea of who your audience is, you want to find out how to make your website visually appealing to the specific group you’re targeting. Are there certain colors, fonts and layouts that may be better than others?

The easiest way to determine this is to research other popular and busy websites in the niche. Do enough research and you will be able to find similarities between the sites that you can then implement on your site.

There are thousands of WordPress themes available to help you customize the appearance of your website. Some may even have been specifically designed with your niche in mind which will make your job a lot easier.

Is your theme mobile friendly? This is important as it’s the way a growing number of people use the Internet these days. Also the functionality of the website is an important aspect to consider.

How easy is it to navigate around yours? How do you know? For example, it’s possible that an older demographic may find a linear navigational approach more appealing than a random discovery one.

What about your social media sharing buttons, are they easy and convenient for users to find so that they can share your content?

Make sure that what you’re attracting visitors to is appealing and effective so they stay on your site and read your content.    


get visitors your website


3. Create Engaging Content

It’s not enough for your website to be visually appealing and functional, your content also needs to be relevant and irresistible so that visitors want to read everything you have to say.

The content is not only about what you have to say but how you say it.

Use captivating titles that draw readers in. Ensure your title includes a benefit to the reader then give them what you tell them you’re going to give them. Break your content up using interesting subheadings.

Hook readers in with your very first line and paragraph, then continue to entice them to read to the end. Include relevant visuals and pictures to illustrate your points.

Package dry facts and instructions by using personal stories and analogies. Aim to entertain readers, move them emotionally, or make them rethink their beliefs.

When you can do this they will connect with you and what you have to say and become action takers.


4. Optimize Content for Search Engines

One of the most popular ways people look for information, products and services, is by searching for these using search engines like Google.

The words they use to find what they’re looking for are called keywords. So it’s important to use relevant keywords in your content and make sure you optimize your content in such a way that it gets ranked by Google.

Then when the keywords are searched, your articles will be presented to the person searching. There are SEO (Search Engine Opimization) plugins you can use to help with this if it’s not already part of your theme’s functionality.

I short, include keywords in your title and content but always write for humans not search engines. Also do not use too many keywords and make sure they make sense in the context of your writing.    


how to send targeted traffic to your website



5. implement Other Free Traffic Strategies

There are a variety of free strategies that you can include to attract people to your website. Deciding which ones will be most effective will depend on your ideal blog reader and where they hang out.

Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Tell others about what you are doing. Include friends, business contacts, and people you meet at networking meetings.
  • Leave comments on other blogs and forums in your niche. Make sure you include your website address in the details so that others who read your comments and become curious about who you are, can find their way to your website.
  • Start a YouTube channel. Create useful videos in your niche and direct people to your blog if they want to know more about you and what you do.
  • Once you’ve been blogging for some time, consider guest blogging on bigger blogs in your niche. When you write an article for another blog and leave a link to your website, it’s possible you will attract readers from that blog to yours.
  • Link to other content you admire which you think your audience would appreciate knowing about. This is one of the best ways to make friends online and to get noticed by other bloggers.
  • Promote your content to help others looking for solutions in your niche on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterst.



6. Consider Paid Traffic Strategies

  • Get some business cards printed and hand these out to people who could be interested in visiting your website. I wrote an article about this which you may find useful:  Improve Blog Traffic With This Winning Low Cost Strategy
  • Offer readers something of value in return for their email addresses. Once people are on your email list you can promote your new content to them via email marketing. Depending on which email auto responder service you use, you may be able to do this for free until you reach a certain number of subscribers, after which you will need to pay for the subscription.
  • Create paid advertisements on Google, Facebook or YouTube, to advertise your website.




Knowing how to attract targeted visitors to your website is a step that will be ongoing for the life of your website.

As a beginner, don’t take on too many strategies. Start with one, do it properly and consistently, then add more as you go.

Once targeted traffic is flowing to your website you must ensure you have created opportunities to generate income consistently which is what I’ll cover in Step #4 – How to Earn Money From Your Website



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