how to earn money from your website

If your goal is to blog for a living and as a business you must know how to earn money from your website since nobody will be paying you for your writing.

Before I tell you how to do this, remember that it’s part of an overall process, the preceding steps of which, must have been completed first.

Step # 1 – Choose a Profitible Niche

Step #2 – Build a Website

Step # 3 – Attract Targeted Traffic

You don’t only want a steady stream of targeted people visiting your blog. You want them to connect with you and what you have to say, interact with you and share your content.

Get to his point and you’re well on your way to building a relationship of trust with your followers. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a critical milestone, since then they will be ready to part with their hard-earned cash for products and services you offer.

There must be ways for this to occur which is often referred to as monetizing your website and it brings us to the final step, Step #4, How to Earn Money From Your Website.

Here’s the road map to your monetization success:


 Choose an Initial Monetization Model


There is more than one way to make money with your website. Beginner bloggers often choose one or both of the following and I’m going to tell you why it’s best to avoid them.



One of the popular options is to allow advertising on your website. I’m speaking specifically about Adsense and similar type programs. Adsense belongs to Google.

Once you’ve signed up with them, they will display targeted text, video or image advertisements on your blog. When visitors view or click the ads, Google pays you.

Although this sounds like an easy way to make money, it isn’t usually, not unless you have thousands of people coming to your site and a big percentage of them click on the advertisements.

In reality, the monetary reward is minimal and in my opinion not worth the compromise of having your site littered with ugly ads that have nothing to do with you.

But there is a much more important reason…

Your aim as a blogger, is to keep people on your site for as long as you can. This is what impresses Google. It lets them know that people are deriving benefit from your content and help’s your site’s ranking.

Why would you want to have ads on your site that send people somewhere else? It makes no sense at all.


Promoting Your Own Products and Services

If you already have products and services of your own to promote then this model might be worth considering. If not I would give it a miss as a beginner.

Creating quality and relevant products and services requires a great deal of research, time and money. Since blogging is already an extremely time-consuming, hard work activity, you’re not likely to have the resources and energy required to create products from scratch when you’re just starting out.

Also, unless people are familiar with you and your products, you will have to work doubly hard to develop trust with them, first as a blogger and secondly as the creator of a product they don’t know.

I’m not saying this model can’t work in the future, but I do not recommend it as an initial strategy.

So what do I suggest?


Affiliate Marketing

This is by far my model of choice for beginners. It means you promote other people’s services and products, relevant to your niche, for which you receive a commission every time someone buys one of these via the unique affiliate link that you give them.

This happens more and more these days, even in the offline world. Uber and other ride share services, for instance, will give you a discount or a free ride if someone signs up and uses their service as a result of being recommended by you.

Affiliate Marketing works on the same principle although it’s usually organized in a more sophisticated way.

There are thousands of affiliate programs available for just about any niche, many offering first class products which you can promote, saving you the time and money to develop your own.

Affiliate marketing is also an ideal passive way to earn income. Once it is set up on your blog, it’s there working for you 24/7, making money for you each time someone clicks on your links.


ride share services

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Build Your Sales Processes (Funnels)


Once you have signed up for one or more affiliate programs, you’ll be able to place links in your content and create call to action banners. If these offer solutions to your reader’s needs they will click on these and make purchases.

A great way is also to write reviews about products that could help people so they can decide whether these are right for them or not. You will also link these products and again if they click on these links and make a purchase you will receive a commission.

In addition, as discussed above, you can also promote your offers via emails that you send to your subscribers.

Once set up, the supplier or owner of the product will handle the financial transaction and ensure that the purchaser gets what they paid for.

This means that the whole process is automated so you can make money on the other side of the world while you sleep.


Build Your Email List


Every successful blogger or Internet marketer I admire and respect ‘preaches’ the importance of this step.

That’s because when readers become subscribers, you have an additional channel for deepening your trust relationship with them.

You do this by promoting your content and giving them a bit more than what your blog readers are getting. This might be premium content or even tools you have developed exclusively for them.

Successful Internet Marketers who have large lists of email subscribers always make money when they promote services and products to their email lists. It’s an essential monetization step.

Once your blog readers are on your email list, and as long as they don’t unsubscribe, you also have a direct way of reaching them, even if they don’t visit your blog that often.


Other Monetization Models to Consider Later


There are affiliate marketers who earn six figure incomes promoting one affiliate product and nothing else. Of course this is not true for all affiliate marketers.

For this reason you may never have a need to add another monetization model to your website. If you did want to consider other models down the track these are two I would highly recommend:


Online Self Study Courses

Develop your own online self study course which teaches something of value to your niche.

Once this has been developed and created it can also be automated and make you passive income.

You could create this course as part of your website which would be the best idea as then you would receive all the revenue generated.

Alternatively, there are training platforms you can use to help with this. Three popular options are Udemy, Thinkific and Teachable. The disadvantage is that you will have to pay these third party suppliers to use their technologies.



Membership Sites

You can develop your own membership site which offers subscribers, training, tools, and support to help them achieve a goal.

You may be able to incorporate this on the same domain as your blog, depending on the capability of your theme, or it could be set up as a different website or even as a private group on Facebook.

Members pay a monthly subscription to belong to your group.

Membership sites require a lot of work, time and input from you as this is what people are paying for and expect.


Most Important…


There are other ways to make an income from your website which I have not touched on here, basically because too many options when you’re starting out is confusing and not helpful.

For beginners, I recommend you focus on one solid strategy, like affiliate marketing. Get really good at this and you may never have to consider any other models.

Introduce too many methods without doing any of them properly and you could end up not making the money you have in mind. Also, too many models may make you look a bit desperate and that’s not the perception you want to convey to readers.

The amount of money you can make from your blog usually comes down to your own marketing efforts. If you can attract a big enough targeted audience and give them what they want, then the ability to start earning money is very real.

Naturally working with each of the four steps I have covered takes time and you will also be refining ad working on these steps constantly. It all starts with step # 1.




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