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I’m sure you’ll agree. Most new bloggers want to know what to blog about to make money. And with good reason.

Building a blogging business requires time and a lot of hard work. If you make the wrong decision, chances are you’ll only know 6 to 12 months later that your niche idea was not the best.

Nobody wants to waste their time on something that’s not going to work so is there a way to be more sure you’re on the right track?

I believe there is. In this post I’m going to tell you what the best money making niches are, how you can test your ideas for free and what you should be doing if you’re serious about making money as a blogger.



passions guarantee nothing

You’ll often hear you must choose a niche that you’re passionate about for blogging. 

Meh! I don’t necessarily agree. 

Often people don’t feel overly passionate about anything or the opposite is true, they have so many passions they’re unable to choose just one.

And what if your passion is a totally obscure one like collecting navel fluff? Not too sure how much money you’ll be making with that one.

But then again it’s possible to make money blogging about just about anything. I say this because I’ve seen people do it.

But some niches are a lot easier than others. Since it’s hard enough getting this right anyway, why would you want to make it more difficult for yourself?

My advice – leave “passion” out of it and rather choose to blog about something within one of the already established money making niches.

These are all universal subjects so at least one of them is bound to be of interest to you.

Knowing that money is already being made in a niche is a first step in the right direction.

Look at it another way… if your blog starts to generate some good income you’ll soon learn to become passionate about whatever it is you’re blogging about. 


online money making ideas



6 money making niches

I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t existing money making niches too competitive? 

As it turns out, competition is not such a bad thing. This is why you can find two hairdressers or pharmacies right next door to each other and both doing well.

They can both thrive because there’s a need which they service and each offers something different from the other.

The key is not to copy what’s already available, but to offer a new and different perspective. This is easy to do when you develop your own brand, allowing your personality and opinion to shine through.

Ideally, if you can find an untapped audience with a problem in one of these niches that you can reach and help, then you’ll have found a gold mine.

Ready to start mining?


1. How to Make Money

There are literally hundreds of ideas you can explore in this niche. Just about anybody you speak to is interested in how to make more money.

Some ideas within this broader niche are:

  • how to make money: online, offline, from home, on YouTube, with bitcoin, on the side etc.
  • investing
  • freelancing
  • career
  • consulting
  • Airbnb


how to save money grocery shopping


2. How to Save Money

This niche is also about having more money but approaches it from a ‘better management’ angle.

Some ideas within this broader niche are:

  • personal finance
  • budgeting
  • bulk shopping
  • downsizing


3. Fitness and Weight Loss

Many blogs in this niche are run by professionals in these areas.

Some ideas within this broader niche are:

  • losing weight – women, men, kids, over 50
  • body building
  • strength training
  • sports
  • diet and nutrition


4. Dating and Relationships

You can be successful in this niche as long as you choose something very specific to blog about.

Some ideas within this broader niche are:

  • rekindling romance
  • dating websites
  • building stronger relationships
  • finding love
  • improving communication


dating relationships advice


5. Self Improvement

Some ideas within this broader niche are:

  • how to build self-esteem, confidence etc.
  • meditation
  • setting and achieving goals
  • life or business coaching
  • overcoming adversities -e.g. depression, anxiety etc.


6. Health and Beauty

Some ideas within this broader niche are:

  • cosmetics and skincare
  • anti ageing – looking and staying younger, erasing wrinkles etc.
  • alternative health
  • plastic surgery
  • fashion

Some other money making niches include, parenting, gadgets and technology, food, travel, and pets.

Once you’ve selected a broader money making niche, it’s time to get a bit more specific in terms of identifying an audience with a problem.



Identify an Audience with a Problem

If you want to make money, people must buy something via your blog. That something must solve a problem the reader has.

Your job as a blogger is to write about the problem and solutions in such a way that you come across as an authority; someone the reader can trust.

An audience is simply a group of people. E.g. single parents, obese men, unemployed military veterans, blond children, left handed tennis players.

Once you have identified an audience, find problems they have which you can help solve.

If you can help someone to be a better parent, how to save money, how to make money or how to lose weight you will have an audience ready to listen to you.

You must have some wisdom to share, either after you’ve achieved it yourself or while you’re doing it.

It’s important that you can show by demonstrating from experience how they can solve the problem in the ways you suggest. This is how you build trust and credibility with your audience.

For example, don’t pretend you know how to make money from running an Airbnb. Either you already know how to do it, otherwise you must present what you are doing on your journey, sharing with your readers as you go



Test Your Ideas First

Wouldn’t it make sense to test your blogging ideas first to see if they have potential?

This is what many big business start-ups do before they launch but how do you as a lone blogger do this?

Traditionally the only way has been to push right into it and hope that everything works out.

After 6 – 12 months you’re likely to know whether you’re on the right track but think about all the time and effort that has gone into reaching that decision.

It’s not very efficient and highly unlikely you’re going to be able to repeat this too many times without exhausting yourself completely.

The reason why it takes so long is that when you start a blog, it takes time to find an audience and get their attention.

Blogging is about reaching out to help people. What you want to know is whether they are interested in what you have to say. If they are, it’s worth carrying on, if not, best you chuck it in.

What if there was a way to actually test your ideas with people for free, without all the usual headaches and hassles that go with setting up a blog?

There is.

There are a few sites where you can do this. The one I recommend is called Medium.


Medium blogging site


Medium is a blogging site, where everybody blogs under the same name.

What are the advantages of using Medium to test your content?

  • You can join for free and blog about anything within the broad range of categories they have. There is a paid option but this is not necessary for testing your blogging ideas.
  • It’s quick and easy to join and you don’t need to go through any of the usual effort associated with creating a blog.
  • They already have 30 million readers looking for interesting content to read. If those readers find and like your content, they going to promote it on social media. This is the best way of knowing whether what you want to write about will succeed.
  • Medium will help you find readers.
  • It’s the perfect testing pad before you launch your own site.
  • You could write about a few different topics and see how people respond to each.
  • You can discover what works and what you enjoy writing about before developing your own site.

If you’re wondering why you wouldn’t just blog here forever, it’s because at this point, Medium is not really set up or intended for you to monetize your content.

Since this is your ultimate aim, setting up your own website when you know that people are interested must be your next step.


what to blog about to make moneY – wrap up


When you know you’ve got a good idea and people are interested in what you’re writing about, then you’re ready to put in all the hard work, learning how to create your own blog.

It’s now that you don’t want to make a mistake when you set up your website. You want to get it right.

There’s plenty of training around on the Internet, some good, some not. Make sure you find the most up-to-date and reliable training you can.

Also, you want to find support, not just for the duration of a training course, but for the months it will take for you to develop your business.

Ideally, what you’re looking for is a business platform that can teach you, provide tools and support you.  I use such a platform. If you’re interested you can read my review about it HERE.

What’s the one thing you can do next to move yourself closer to knowing what to blog about to make money? 



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  1. Jaime

    Hi, Mark. These are some great ideas for established niche’s to blog about. My problem is I feel like I could be passionate about all of those things so my audience gets a little muddled and I have to break it down and focus on only one topic.

    I have also been debating if passion should be a part of blogging to make money or if the focus should just be on topics that will lead to income, or if you have to have both. It’s true that if you’re not passionate, it’s a lot hard to keep going, but if you stick to just what you’re passionate about you could miss out on the real income opportunities.

    I love the idea of testing the waters on Medium and seeing how people react to your writing. I’ve been doing kind of the same thing on Vocal Media. Have you ever heard of or tried that platform?

    • Mark Baker

      Hi there Jaime,

      I know what you mean when it comes to choosing a passion to blog about.

      Although I said that sometimes people can find it difficult to identify one passion, the opposite as you’ve indicated in your comment is true too. When you have too many ideas you’d like to blog about, this can also stop you in your tracks.

      I do think you have to have a healthy interest in what you’re blogging about although I’m not sure it has to definitely be a passion.

      Also as somebody pointed out to me recently, that when you start making money from blogging you do just become a lot more passionate about whatever you blogging about anyway 🙂

      I only recently heard about Vocal Media, and I jab to admit it seems to be another great site, perhaps even a bit more flexible than Medium. It would also definitely be another ideal platform on which to test one’s ideas.

      Thanks for the visit and your positive contribution as always, Jaime.



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