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It’s not rocket science. You can learn how to make money blogging with affiliate marketing. If you follow a series of proven steps and you don’t give up you will be successful.

Except for one problem. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about affiliate marketing.

There are companies pretending to do affiliate marketing when they’re not, scams that try to use affiliate marketing as a cover, as well as inaccurate information from people who don’t like affiliate marketing for some or other reason.

Al this does is complicate and confuse what is actually a very viable way of monetizing your blog. I want to set the record straight here and help you out by giving you a simple walk through to show you how you can make money blogging with affiliate marketing.




what is affiliate marketinG


Have you ever seen a movie that you loved so much you couldn’t wait to tell everybody about it and how they should go see it?  



what is affiliate marketing


Imagine if when they did, you got paid for recommending them to see it? Of course that doesn’t happen, but if it did, that would be an affiliate marketing arrangement.

It’s nothing more, than recommending products and services to others. When people buy these, the company who owns the product pays you for making the  recommendation.



why is Affiliate Marketing ideal for  Beginners? 


When you start learning how to blog for living, there’s a huge amount of work to be done. It’s critical that you learn to work smart, not harder than you have to.

Often beginners want to create and promote their own services and products from the word go. In my opinion this is a big mistake.

Unless you already have an established quality service or product, you’ll have to create these. Doing this properly requires more work and time.

There’s also the cost factor. It can be very expensive to pay developers and to do the required research which includes a lot of beta testing before you release products to the market.

Also, since nobody will know or trust you yet, they’re unlikely to jump in and buy whatever you’re offering for a long time, not until there’s proof that what you’ve got has value for them. This means you won’t earn any money for a long time either.

Plus which, there’s no guarantee people are going to buy what you’ve created anyway, so you may never make any money.

The reason why affiliate marketing is so perfect, is because all the hard work has been done for you. What you’re doing is piggybacking off someone else’s efforts and established success.

That’s smart!

Going back to the movie analogy – what would be easier and faster to do – make your own movie and promote it or recommend one that’s already made and doing well? Get my point?

There are literally thousands and thousands of affiliate products you can promote. Just about every well-known and big brand runs an affiliate program.


blogging and affiliate marketing


All you need to do is choose great products and services that are already trusted and successful and half of the work is already done for you. Now that’s working smart when you’re starting out.

One example is Amazon.com.


Amazon affiliate program

Join Amazon’s affiliate program and you can promote over 400 million of their products and earn a commission between 6% and 10%.

There are many other affiliate programs that pay more, some up to 75%.

Depending on the product, a single referral could earn you thousands of dollars in commissions.

I’m not saying you should never create your own products and services. In fact, it’s an excellent idea, since you’ll own these and if you’re successful, you’ll make a lot more money promoting them.

However, this is something you should only consider down the track when you’ve already had some success marketing other people’s products and services.



Blogging and Affiliate Programs – How Does It Work?


There are three parts to every affiliate marketing arrangement.

  • The company or product owner.
  • You, the blogger who recommends the product or service to others.
  • A customer, who buys the product as a result of your recommendation.

As a blogger, you find a product/service you want to promote. Then you join the affiliate program the owner has set up.

Now you’re an affiliate and authorized to promote products and services on behalf of the company or product owner.

To do this you’ll be given a special identifying website affiliate link when you join their program. This will give you the ability to promote their products and services and for it to be tracked so you can be paid.

Let’s have a look at this process visually.



blogging and affiliate programs


Here’s an example of how this might work. Let’s say you join the Amazon affiliate program and you blog about technology, specifically about televisions.

Somebody buys this television via your affiliate link.

oled televisions

If you earn 6% as a commission you will make $86.94 for that sale.

As long as you know how to drive enough traffic to your blog,  if you sold one of these every day for 30 days, you’d make $2608.00.

Now I’m not saying you would definitely do this, but it’s certainly possible when you know what your’re doing.

Remember you wouldn’t only be promoting that one television either. People buy millions of other products from Amazon each and every month.

There are many other affiliate programs you can join. Also, you don’t only have to promote physical products. You can also market services and digital products which the purchaser can download to their computer.

There is also what is known as affiliate networks. These are companies who manage the affiliate process for product owners and other companies who don’t want to do this themselves.

The advantage of joining an affiliate network is that you can promote any of the thousands of products they list. This will save you a lot of time as you don’t have to join and manage all the programs individually.

Some popular affiliate networks include:

  • Awin
  • Amazon Associates
  • Clickbank.com
  • EBay Partners
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Raktuken
  • ShareASale

Okay you know how this works but is it going to cost you anything to become an affiliate?



What Does It Cost to Become an Affiliate?


Affiliate programs don’t usually charge you to sign up although some do charge a small fee. This is to ensure that you’re serious and not going to waste their time, but to be honest I’ve hardly ever come across this.

Another reason there could be a charge is because it’s a scam or because it’s not really an affiliate marketing program.

For example, sometimes people think that multi level marketing companies (MLMs) are affiliate marketing companies but this is not so. They are network marketing companies.

This does not mean they are necessarily scams but the network marketing model is completely different to affiliate marketing.

Also, be aware that some high ticket item programs, which means products that cost a lot of money, sometimes also insist that you can only promote the product if you have purchased the product yourself.

While I agree that it’s a good idea you know products very well before you promote them, I would recommend that you stay away from high ticket programs until you know what you’re doing and you’re sure you can recoup your cost through sales.





How Do You Get Paid As an Affiliate?


Before signing up for an affiliate program, it’s a good idea to check out their payment details. They all tend to have different payment schedules and methods.

These often have to do with where you live in the world. Most pay out in US dollars but some will pay you in your own currency. Many payment companies, like PayPal will convert US dollars to your own currency.

The most popular payment methods include:

  • PayPal
  • Cheque payments
  • Direct deposits into your bank account
  • Payoneer
  • Cryptocurrency

Affiliate programs often also stipulate a minimum threshold amount that you must earn before they pay you, but this is not usually an unreasonable value.



Get Started With Affiliate Marketing Through Blogging


Basically there are four steps you must take:

1. ChoOse a niche

A niche is an audience of people who have a certain topic in common, and who have a problem that you can help them solve e.g. Women who own French Bulldogs who won’t stop barking.

You may find reading Choose a Blog Niche helpful

2. Build a blog website

You may find reading How to Build a Website Step by Step helpful

3.Attract targeted visitors to your website

You may find reading How to Attract Targeted Visitors To Your Website helpful.

4. Set your website up to earn money

You may find reading How to Earn Money From Your Website helpful


Make Money Blogging with Affiliate Marketing



What affiliate marketing experiences, good or bad have you had? Do you have any questions about affiliate marketing or anything else to do with online marketing?


Got Questions? Something to say? Leave a comment. Let’s chat



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