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We all experience them from time to time. Negative thoughts and emotions. Overcoming negative thoughts and emotions in your business as a blogger is essential if you want to be successful.

In this post I’m going to cover where your negative thoughts and emotions come from, how they stop you in your tracks and what you can do to overcome them so that you can march towards the success you want.



Where Do the dark clouds come from?

 Negative thoughts and emotions come from your past, created over the years as you’ve interacted with your parents, school teachers, friends, peers, enemies, and the environment in general.

Eventually they end up becoming like your own personal virus mind software, interfering with your ability to function as you’d like.


anxiety and negative thoughts


How Negative Thoughts Stop You

You have 40 to 60,000 thoughts per day.

90% of these come from your past. With that many thoughts, do you think they might be able to influence your life? You bet.

Your are unaware of vast majority of your thoughts but if most of these are negative and self-limiting then you can be sure they will impact your ability to take action.

In other words they will cause you to procrastinate.

Ralf Waldo Emerson an American poet, said: “That which dominates our imaginations and thoughts will determine our character.”

What he meant is that what you think you become and what you think about becomes real in your life.

You use your mind to create your future, either deliberately or by default.

The only moment that is real is RIGHT NOW.

The past has gone and the future is not here yet which means the only way you have to create your future which becomes your past is right now, the present moment.

Right now is the moment you give energy to a thought. And right now, you have the power and ability to insert any thought into your mind and control the outcome you want.

So why don’t you just do it?

Because like everybody else, your default bias is to stay with what’s familiar and comfortable.

You don’t like change. You’re comfortable with what is, even when it’s not in your best interests or does not serve you.

Sometimes you even recreate negative experiences that are not good for you because they are comfortable.

This is why so many criminals after being in jail for a long time, re offend. The change of living freely in the world is too hard. It’s easier for them to go back to what they know.


getting rid of negative thoughts


Most of us spend our lives hoping, wishing, and dreaming about a better future.

When you first thought about starting a blogging business it was because you believed you’d be able to create a better future for yourself.

You see yourself in the future. You get excited about your potential outcome, but the excitement does not stay because the mind will do it’s best to make you doubt yourself, to get you to stop.

This leads to you avoiding taking action.

It happens because your mind is on autopilot, encouraging you to look to the past, to all those times before when you weren’t successful.

You start to think thoughts like, “I can’t do this.”, “Who am I to think I can be successful?”, “What if I fail?”, “What will others think of me?”, “I don’t really want to start something new. I’m quite happy with my life as it is.”

These thoughts are so strong that you give in to them, rather than push on and take the risk.

The only way you can change your future and your past is by overcoming negative thoughts and emotions in the present moment.

If you can do this then you can change your past and your future.


Predict Your Future with 95% Accuracy

 You can predict your future with 95% accuracy by looking at your past.

This is because we are programmed to repeat and retrace the same patterns in our lives.

Look at your life today, how different is it from five years ago?

Maybe you’ve had the same goal for a few years now, to change your life, and yet at the end of each year, when you look back, nothing has changed, even though you had very good intentions.

Prospective employers use this same strategy to determine whether they want you to work for them. This is why they look at what you achieved in the last five years.

It gives them a very good idea about what they can expect from you in the next five years.

The way to predict the future with 95% accuracy is simply to look at the last five years of your life and that will give you a good idea.

If you don’t want your life to continue in the same way you have to find a way to break the pattern.


How Do You Stop the Madness?

You have to change but that’s easier said than done.

Most human beings don’t change because they aren’t aware that this is going on and even if they are, they don’t know how to change.

The good news is that you are capable of change. It takes self-awareness, knowing what to do and a large dose of self-discipline.

For many it also usually requires the help of someone else, like a coach or mentor, otherwise you’d already be doing this on your own.

You may require somebody else to train you look to the future, to help you develop the momentum required to march forward to success.

You may require someone to hold you accountable and to help you operate more efficiently right now, so you can achieve the outcomes you want in your life.


stop thinking negative thoughts



a 3 part FORMULA

If you’re serious about getting to where you want to go you have to create a formula in your thinking and your daily life, to give yourself a compelling reason to look towards the future more often.

Here are three ways that will help you to do this:


1. Create a Vision That’s Other People Centered

You must create a clear picture of exactly what your life will be like once you’ve achieved your goal.

Make sure your goal is focused on delivering an outcome that has value to meaningful people in your life.

When you’re ready to help others get what they want in life then ultimately you will get what you want.

The reason why this occurs is so of the emotional bonds we share with others.
What will you be doing, saying, and hearing that is different to now?

Who will you be with? How will they be responding?

Make your vision as detailed as possible. Play it like a movie in your mind.


quotes negative thoughts


Then it’s time to add the ‘magic sauce’…. emotion.

How will you be feeling?

While the details are important, the priority is to connect with the feelings you’ll have when you’ve achieved your outcome.

If the emotion attached to the vision is strong enough, it will have enough power to pull you towards your goal.

A strong vision operating in your mind means you can call on it whenever you start to feel self-doubt.

As you do, you’ll regenerate the excitement and positive feelings you had when you first thought about starting your business.



2. Master Your Mind

You must gain mastery over your inner world, since it’s this that determines whether you take action or not and ultimately, your success.

There are many ways to work consciously with the mind. The technique I have found most useful is simple and subtle and only requires ongoing practice.

Start to become very aware of your mind and the messages it sends you.

To do this you’ll need to become still and hyper curious, almost as if you’re a detached outsider spying on your mind.

What messages are you hearing and feeling – For example, I can’t do this.

Is that really true? How do you know for sure? What would you be able to achieve if you didn’t have that thought?

It is just a thought. It’s not true so you can watch the thought and eventually it will scamper off and you will be free, until it tries again. Then you simply repeat the process.

Doing this is a practice and something you will need to work on since your mind is crafty and loud and knows how to get its way.



3. Surround Yourself With Support

As I said previously, for most of us, overcoming negative thoughts and emotions on our own is not possible.

You must have the help of others who understand what it is you’re trying to achieve, who possibly have been through the same thing themselves, and can guide and support you when times are tough.

Having a friend or family member do this will not work. This is why I spoke about getting a coach, if you can afford one.

A more cost-effective way would be to to network with others willing to support you on your journey.

The problem with this is that you need access to these people all the time and that’s not very easy to find.

I did find such a support group at Wealthy Affiliate who I have access to 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

They are all online business entrepreneurs, from all over the world, from various backgrounds and at various stages of success with their businesses.

This group is part of a business platform, offering more than just networking but it’s this caring, supportive community that makes it a very special place.

With their help I have often dug myself out of those dark holes that are a part of learning to be successful.



overcoming negative thoughts

You now know where negative emotions come from, how they stop your success and what you can do it manage your mind.

Either you learn to manage your mind or it manages you, which are you going to choose?


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