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Have you ever signed up for something and not used it?

I did this with Global Moneyline.

It looked interesting and possibly useful, but back then I didn’t have time to get my head around it.

Because I could join for free and,  because there was some pressure about getting on board as soon as possible for maximum advantage, I did.

Recently I was ready to ask, what is Global Moneyline about? 

I discovered there were a lot of other people asking the same question.  That’s when I made the decision to write a review post to help others, once I knew more myself. Here it is!

If you want to know more about what Golobal Moneyline is, how it works and if and how it can assist you and your business? Read on…


Global MoneyLine – Overview

Global Moneyline operates on two levels.

Firstly, it’s a stand alone product which is a leads generating subscription service. Think of it as someone else creating a list of leads for you to approach for your business.

Secondly,  it’s an income stream opportunity, offering you the ability to earn an income by promoting the service to others. You can however use the service without promoting it.

So that’s the simple answer to the question, what is Global Moneyline about. But how does the product and income opportunity actually work and does it all stack up?


How Does the Global Moneyline Product Work? 


Step 1 – Sign up for free to use the list building service. You can interact with everybody who signs up after you. Since people are signing up globally, 24/7, the sooner you join, the more leads you’ll be able to accumulate. Your list of leads is called Your Moneyline.

They can send you an email every day to let you know by how much your list has grown or you can see this number in your Global Moneyline website portal.

Step 2: You can message people worldwide who have signed up after you. Do so immediately, or you can leave the list to grow until you’re ready to use it.

Everybody starts with the free package. You can only send one message at a time and you can only message a person once, unless they respond back to you. If they respond back then they become a contact  and you can interact with them as often as you like.

Your messages can promote any business or you can simply invite people to follow you on social media where you can grow the relationship with them.

From what I have seen, the vast majority of people pitch typical hyped business opportunities at each other. Eventually this just becomes a ‘noise’ of sales pitches that most people ignore. 

If you’re able to think outside the square, create a clever message and offer value first without needing something in return, you may stand out and be more successful. 😉

Step 3: If you want faster access to your leads you can purchase a paid subscription. You get additional benefits with each higher level, like access to list management tools, being able to create an advertisement which is  shown to other subscribers, etc.

Subscriptions are cumulative and you have to purchase them in order from lowest to highest.

  • Bronze$20 one time. You can send messages to 20 people at a time.
  • Silver$50 annually. You can send messages to 50 people at a time.
  • Gold – $100 annually. You can send messages to 100 people at a time. 
  • Platinum – $250 annually. You can send messages to 250 people at a time. 
  • Diamond – $500 annually. You can send messages to 500 people at a time.
  • Double-Diamond – $1000 annually. You can send messages to 1000 people at a time.

From the Platinum level onward, your list of leads re-generates every month which means you can message the same leads monthly.

Because you’ll need to buy all preceding levels, as per their policy, this means that altogether, for the first year, you’ll pay $420 (Bronze + Silver + Gold + Platinum). For the second and subsequent years it will cost $400 per year, since the Bronze payment is a one time payment, and won’t need to be re-paid. 

All the messaging and interacting of leads takes place using the Global Moneyline website portal.

Here’s an example of the kind of messages you might expect from other members who joined before you. 


How do you Make Money With Global Moneyline? 

To start earning an income you have to make three retail sales at the Bronze level which qualifies you to earn at that level.

You can either make three sales or one of those sales can be your own in which case you only need to make two additional sales.  Here’s the process step by step. 

Step 1: Buy the Bronze subscription for yourself at $20

Step 2: Global Moneyline gives you your own unique online link. Promote this to others, using social media, word of mouth etc.

Step 3: When three people (including yourself) sign up from your link,  you’re qualified to earn at that level. You do not make any money from these first three sales.

Step 4: Continue promoting your link and you will earn 100% of all sales you make. If 5 people sign up at $20 each, you make $100.

This is what is known as your Line 1.The number of sales you can make is unlimited.

Step 5: If you can do the above then you can repeat the same process for the higher subscription levels and make a lot more money.

It does not stop there however. When people you sold a subscription to, do the same thing, you can also earn 50% of their all qualified sales. This would be your Line 2. 

There can be any number of lines below you and to explain this they have what is known as a compensation plan. 

The Global Moneyline Compensation Plan

The moment one starts to talk about earning at different levels, I smell MLM!

But, Global Moneyline points out they are not an MLM. Rather they operate using a unique compound leverage compensation plan. The below explanation is from their website.

Regardless of which, they do use a lot of terminology that is very MLM oriented, like uplines, downlines and compensation plans

If this is starting to sound confusing, it’s time to see it visually, as presented in the short video below.

Tools and Training

Everybody gets access to their own Global Moneyline website portal from where you conduct all business.

There are videos, explanations, and instructions. This is a super simple product and opportunity, for which there is sufficient training.

However the website set up and the way in which the training is presented is quite confusing and busy which I think contributes to why so many people find it confusing.

They also provide a variety of tools that cover marketing, communication and business processes.  Once again because the overall website does not flow well, it may be challenging for people to get their heads around everything quickly. 2 stars for training and tools. It’s all there but it could be a lot better.


So what happens if you have a problem?

Via the website, there’s a FAQ section and you also have access to a support ticket center.

I’ve never had to use the support offered but I’ve heard from others that it’s very good.

Personally I’d like to have seen more company contact details listed but otherwise I think they offer an adequate system to get help when you need it. 3 Stars.


I like to consider cost in relation to value.

You can join for free but how valuable is this?

In my opinion, it’s minimal. The best value this offers, is the opportunity to check everything out for yourself.

At the free level, you can only message one lead a time. Considering how many leads there are, this is not efficient use of your time.  

Experienced online marketers all agree that it takes 5 – 7 contacts with a lead as a minimum before someone takes notice of your offers. The problem with the lower subscription levels is that you only get one shot at messaging the lead, so there’s zero value in that.

I don’t believe there’s much value until you join at the Platinum level which will cost you $420 per year. From this level your leads regenerate every month which will at least give you more than once chance at reaching out to people.

It’s impossible to ascertain the value of the leads for the financial investment without tracking your own success rate over time. There are many users who argue that they do get value for their money.

I have used the leads system but only to bring traffic to this blog, however I have not done so consistently or for any great length of time yet.  So far, while I have attracted visitors the conversion rate has been poor.

There can be more than one reason for this so it’s not possible to say the leads are useless. I will monitor this over the next few months and update as and when I can. 

As an income opportunity, you don’t have to buy the subscription yourself, as long as you can make three retail sales to others.

If you want the faster route you will always have to purchase one of the subscriptions yourself. This starts at $20 for the Bronze subscription. This is not a huge investment and not a lot to risk if it does not work out for you.

In conclusion, the most value comes from being able to afford the top annual subscriptions which is a lot to pay and lose if it does not work for you. 2.5 Stars for the cost.

Feedback – Is Global Moneyline a Scam?

There are those who believe it is a scam and some who proclaim it very loudly.

It’s true that there are lot of scams around but personally I believe one should not be too quick to brand something a scam just because you don’t like or understand the business model or because you or others have not been successful.

For me, something is a scam when it’s 100% fraudulent for everybody.  In other words nobody gets what they paid for.

Personally I have used the leads service to generate traffic to this blog and other offers. I also know a few people who make a lot of money with Global MoneyLine. That means it must be possible.

I also know plenty of people who have not benefited in any way. But this does not mean it’s a scam. In fact it’s a characteristic of every single product and business opportunity. Nothing works for everybody.

There may be aspects about the operation, product and income opportunity that are  questionable, but this still does not mean it’s a scam.

As with most products and opportunities, there are those that sing Global Moneyline’s praises and there are those who don’t. It all depends on the individual and whether they have been successful or not. Feedback is mixed so 3 Stars.

Here’s two opposite views from users on LeadsLeap:


Does the product and income opportunity offer quality, performance and trustworthiness over time?

Since it was only established in 2016 and officially launched in 2017, there’s not been enough time for Global  Moneyline to demonstrate its reliability yet.

Trustworthiness is a problem, essentially because there is no name behind the company. Apparently the founder is a very private man. While I respect this, when it comes to business such an approach does not help to establish credibility or trustworthiness. 2 Stars at this point.

Pros and Cons


  • Available worldwide and free to join and check out
  • Ability to message leads at various levels
  • Various premium subscription price points
  • Opportunity to advertise your business
  • Opportunity to earn an income from referrals
  • Training, tools and support provided


  • Member website is overwhelming, not well set out and confusing
  • The value at the free membership level is very limited
  • A lack of transparency and trustworthiness with true owner’s identity not revealed
  • You only have one shot at messaging leads unless you sign up to the Platinum subscription

What is Global Moneyline About – Wrap Up

It’s not difficult to see why so many people get confused about Global Moneyline.

They sound like an MLM but they say they aren’t. The website fails to communicate what it’s about very effectively or efficiently, and the ownership is clouded in mystery.

When you take the time to unpack it all, it’s actually a very simple product and opportunity that comes across as more complex than it is.

Personally, I’m not a fan of MLM type income opportunities. They simply don’t suit me.

I don’t like the idea of being totally reliant on one organization for income. They can change their rules and policies without consulting you. They can and often do shut down overnight. That means no more income. That’s not smart business!

I prefer spending the majority of my time working on and creating stand alone businesses that are sustainable and profitable in the long term and which I have control over.

The very best way to do this in my opinion is via blogging and here’s why.

You can create your own independent business around an interest area that fires you up so you’re doing something you enjoy and want to do.

There are various ways to make money, as a blogger, in any niche. For example, you can offer your own services and products or you can promote existing products via affiliate marketing.

Having a few different ways of generating income helps to minimize your financial risk and it gives you far more control over your business.

In my experience, one of the best ways to learn how to do this is through an online business platform called Wealthy Affiliate

It’s not the only way to learn how to become a successful blogger, but let’s face it, you only need one way.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over ten years, continues to be wildly popular and is awesome value for money if you’re serious about building a successful online business.

You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate review to read more about why I say this.

If you’ve asked what is Global Moneyline about and you like what

Global MoneyLine
  • Training/Tools
  • Support
  • Cost
  • Feedback
  • Reliability


Will suit some. 😐

you’ve read here, your next step is to check it out for yourself. Doing due diligence is each and every one’s own responsibility.  It only costs your email address to sign up for free  and then you’ll be able to see how it works for yourself.

If you like the sound of the business opportunity I recommend you join at the Bronze level for $20. If you can make it at the first level, you can make it at the higher levels too. If not, time to move on.

So what do you think? Have you used Global Moneyline? If so, please share your experiences, good or bad. If you haven’t, is it a product or opportunity you’re going to explore? Why/why not?  And of course if I’ve left something out that you’re dying to share with me, please do.

Got Questions? Something to say? Leave a comment. Let’s chat



  1. Kenny

    Hi Mark, I’m also with Global Moneyline. Although I have not been as active on it in a while. It is a huge tool for those wishing to network online, and it can absolutely be used to generate income if you take the time to use it correctly. It does have its drawbacks though as you point out. Thanks for the summary 

    • Mark Baker

      Hey Kenny

      Appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment here. 

      When it comes to business I know this for sure, there are people who succeed with all genuine programs and there are people who fail at those same programs. What that tells me is that if it’s the right program for you and you do what’s required then you will be successful. 


  2. Affiliate Marketing Informant

    I have wondered what Global Moneyline was about. So thanks for this review. Timely for me. The lead generation community and process seems to be an interesting concept. But of course free features come with limitations. The noise of sales pitches looks similiar to unmonitored Facebook Groups. It’s unclear how quality those leads are when you get into the paid subscription plans. I’d be interested to know how this works out for you in the long run. 

    • Mark Baker

      Thanks for adding to the conversation here. I do think think that one would have to try and stand out above all the noise of business opportunity pitches that look and sound the same. I agree with you when you say that the messages are like those on un monitored Facebook groups. 


  3. Paschal

    You have indeed covered all the aspects of Global Moneyline. To be honest in my opinion, their earnings structure is purely MLM.  IF YOU don’t get downliners who upgrade to I bet you  will not profit from the program. My friend tried it and has been persuading me to join but I can’t join or recommend it. MLM will fail one day

    • Mark Baker

      Hi Paschal 

      Yes it is what it is and unless you can make referrals you won’t make money. I think it either suits you or it doesn’t. There are plenty of MLM companies that have been around for many years so clearly, it is a business model that can work and does work. That still does not mean that is the right business model for everybody, and still does not mean that every company he uses the model will be successful.

      Thanks for adding to the conversation.


  4. Babsie Wagner

    Thanks, Mark, for another great review and detailed information about Global Moneyline.  I get things in my email and online all the time with a ton of different programs, and honestly, as a fairly new marketer, it is very difficult to figure out exactly what is a good program and what will waste my time and money.  This, I have to deem, would not be good for me at this point in my career.  I have a couple of fairly new programs I’m working on, including my CRM.  I know the “money is in the list,” and so I finally got an email program, but now, unfortunately, I’ve got a steep learning curve to set it up, do with my autoresponder stuff,  Quite a lot to digest.  The complexity of some programs just make them out of reach, and I think that would probably be true for this one.  I appreciate you saving me what would most likely have been a lot of aggravation!

    • Mark Baker

      Hi Babsie

      Great to have you visit and share your thoughts after reading, “What is Global Moneyline About”.

      I think your decisions are smart and well considered. There is only so much time in the day. Choosing what to focus on and what the best activities are to pursue within that focus are critical for success. 

      One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is taking on too many business projects and then becoming so overwhelmed  that they drop out of everything. Besides the fact that this is not good for the human spirit it is a totla waste of time and money too. 

      In my opinion one of the best moves you can make is to create your own independent email list which is what you’re doing. Well done!

      Thanks for adding to the conversation here.


  5. Leo

    The first huge red flag – The owner is hiding.

    There is no information who is behind Global Moneyline. 

    Does it make sense to invest your time, energy and money into a project we do not know who is the real creator?

    The second red flag – Compensation plan.

    Global Money Line is a pyramid scheme. If they’re paying recruitment commissions across multiple levels, then yes Global Money Line is a pyramid scheme.

    Free Global Moneyline members don’t earn MLM commissions. You have to ” pay to play”.

    Have a nice day,


    • Mark Baker

      Hi Leo

      As per my post I also do not like the idea that the real owner is a mystery as it does not build trustworthiness. 

      There are many MLM and Network Marketing companies, some of which have been around for many years, who pay across multiple levels and who operate quite legally. If this was not the case they would have been shut down in the US. That is just a fact.

      And as per my post, you can make product commissions by referring others, without buying the product yourself as long as you qualify yourself to do so which means you have to make three retails sales first. 

      Thanks for your comment.


  6. Evie

    Hey Mark,

    I just finished reading your great review about Global Moneyline, I know we are going debate this one out, but it is all good, Lol.

    I personally feel it’s an MLM business even though they indicate it’s not. I feel that their comp plan is based on commissions from the people you recruit and commissions made from how well their downline does. It is not just a direct sale and it ends there. Now that is how I feel and I understand your point of view. I think it is just going to be where we agree to disagree.

    • Mark Baker

      Hi Evie 

      Even though on some technical level they may not be an MLM as they maintain, as per my post I still do think that the same principle and business model applies. Also as per my post it’s not a business model that I favor in any way so there’s no disagreement with me. 

      Thanks for adding to the conversation. 


  7. Michael

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece.

    I have heard a friend talk about Global Moneyline, but I chose not to show so much interest, so I didn’t bother to inquire more about it. Thank God I stumbled on this post and now I have all the insights I needed about this product. But does it mean one has to start the subscription from the lowest level?

    • Mark Baker

      Hi Michael,

      You have to start at the Bronze level and work your way up buying each of the subscription levels as you go.



  8. Michael Melnick

    Hi,  At first, I was interested in what you had to say about What is Global Moneyline About, but I find there are too many unanswered questions. They’ve been around since  2016/17 but there’s not much to hang on to as far as longevity and reliability is concerned. I don’t feel it would be a good place for my investment.  Best, Mike

    • Mark Baker

      The good thing about all of this is that we are free to make choices that suit us best. Nobody forces us to do anything we don’t want to do when it comes to choosing income streams for business. Reviews simply present the information for one person’s perspective. It is up to each of us to do the due diligence required to satisfy our finak choices.


  9. Tyler

    Thanks for this review. I believe any online business opportunity should have reviews by real people somewhere.

    The reasons are pretty simple.

    I would not get involved with this business simply because of the secrecy and international nature. Like you said, they can disappear.

    Poof! They’re rich, and all your work and input is gone.

    I agree that owning is the only way to go, unless a company owned income is just a supplement.

    Thanks for the good review and I look forward to more.

    • Mark Baker

      Hi there Tyler

      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation here.

      Totally understand and agree with you on this one. To be successful in business takes a lot of hard work regardless of what the scam artists would have us believe. This is just no point in investing all the time and effort into something that can disappear overnight.

      This is why I prefer being the creator and controller of my business. One is best to have a diverse portfolio of income streams, to minimize risk and to choose those income streams wisely.

      Appreciate your input.



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